Heavy Engineering
Health Safety & Environment

HSE is a core value at KCP since inception. The goal has been to maintain high HSE standards and comply with all statutory requirements with a sustainable roadmap to provide a Safe and Healthy workplace environment to work.

HSE Policy at KCP is built on the fact that HSE is everyone's responsibility and a part of our operations culture at every level. HSE responsibilities at all positions are well defined and individuals are responsible for all required compliances.

KCP HE is well equipped with a pool of qualified HSE personnel with all required safety equipment for safe execution of required operation.

HSE initiatives at KCP like HSE Induction program, plant safety walk tours, safety demonstrations at workplace, safety inspection & certification of equipment, celebrating National Safety Week and Environment Day and many more are all part of the annual HSE calendar,

Our safety performance is among the best in the industry and we constantly strive to improve.


  • Promoting awareness on sound health practices
  • Keeping First Aid arrangements in place
  • Regular Health Check up done for workers


  • Developing and implementing safe work procedures and rules.
  • Providing Personal Protective Equipment
  • Providing constant training of Workmen to avoid unsafe procedures
  • Taking proactive measures to provide safety signs in the Shop Floor
  • Constantly assessing & reviewing risk



  • Providing a safe working environment.
  • Keeping the environment clean, green and healthy
  • Ensuring maintenance of good housekeeping standards
  • Taking measures to control noise
  • Inspections done for building stability


  • Reduction in Water usage
  • Recycle of waste water using new technology
  • Facilitating water harvesting techniques to store and reuse water


  • Reduce discharge of Carbon dioxide


  • Power monitoring using Energy Monitoring System (EMS) and optimising its usage
  • Power generating using Hydro, Wind & Solar to reduce carbon footprint
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