Heavy Engineering

KCP HE has an established presence since 1980 in supplying equipment to the Space sector focusing on state of the art technology. The objective has been to indigenously develop genuine force multipliers that will contribute to providing a decisive edge to the Indian Defence & Space sectors and to develop capability and infrastructure, which can be effectively leveraged for defence programmes.

Satellite Launch EquipmentSatellite Equipment
  • S 200 Shorter Motor Case / Assembly
  • Loading Frame
  • Mobile Pedestal (MPP) & Mobile Launch Platform
    (MLP) for Satellite Rocket Launching
  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Spun Domes for L-40 Tanks
  • Mould for GSLV
  • S 139 End Rings
  • Gas Bottle Tank
  • Shaped Mandrel S200
  • Monolithic Mandrel for SPROB
  • Bowl for Rocket Fuel
  • Vacuum Chamber for EB Welding